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The Power of Love

27 Sep

His vibrant eyes
cut through the crisp
of a burned heart

A precision scalpel
revealing an organ
pulsating in the dark

Old skeletons
reflected in his purity
tremorring as they dance

Humble and transformed
the ancient bows
to the infant Son

Never again
shall we forget
the power of Love


— to my son, the love of my life

Being Quiet

30 Dec

As the sound of traffic
joy and sorrow
past and future
are but waves of the ocean

To stay in the moment
not the drama that unfolds
when waves ripple
over the vast space beneath

I die on this breath
bringing to life
the richness of silence
the depths of the ocean

To a good friend with a lot on his plate ❤

Hyde Park Poetry Palace
Thursday Poets Rally Week 80
~ Being Quiet ~

My nomination is: PoetryRUs

Week 80 the perfect poet award


20 May

A spider crawls on my hand
the wind in the trees and the birds in the sky
form a chorus calling summer forth

The grass gently strokes my pale cheek
the creek by my side trickles fresh and cool
under the radiant sun of the North

Patterns play behind my eyelids
from the leaves above burning green shimmer
into a background of deep blue

In this moment
this improvised orchestration of perfection
I am life unfolding. I am eternal.

Spangenberg, Germany

Spangenberg, Germany

– to Michael, thank you for sharing your wonderful garden

A Divine Comedy

26 Sep

I felt it break
my beaten heart
the pain teared open my soul

Shattered like glass
each piece contained the next
like fleshy holograms

I wanted to run
but in space suspended
the sharp truths hung like stars

Their beams of light
too bright for my eyes
like slicing machines they cut

Achilles in Dante´s Hell - Love and Lust

I relived it all
collapsed on the floor
surrendered to fate finally

Many days later
I rose again
reborn from the fire and ash

The sun still shone
the birds still sang
I felt my breath and heart beat again

I saw back on a drama
as greek as it gets
of Achilles final home

The Divine Comedy
had unfolded in me
like a tragedy mask leaping through time

I felt a smile
wiped off the salt
and nodding in recognition
I stepped into the world once more

Memories of You 2

18 Jul

Memories of you
smell sweet like rotten fruit
my mouth water
and my stomach turn in convulsion

This is my entry for the Poetry Potluck week 44

This is my entry for the Poetry Potluck week 44. Thanks to

Memories of You 1

18 Jul

In the memory of you
I become a deer
caught in the head lights
of a 20 tons road train

This is my entry for the Poetry Potluck week 44.

This is my entry for the Poetry Potluck week 44. Thanks to


17 Jul

Like a hot air balloon
you rose, silently

Drifted away
along the lightest wind

I lay in rain and storm
anchored to the ground

Saw tough and taut
the connecting line

A message in a bottle
arrived from afar

The paper withered
it had your writing

I looked up in surprise
pulled the line in the sky

It dissolved into dust
and fell like snowflakes

I stand here still
staring into the void

In the cold shower of the past

This is my entry for the Short Story Slam Week 1

This is my entry for the Short Story Slam Week 1

Write Hard Award -  awarded by Bluebell Books

Write Hard Award - awarded by Bluebell Books