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The Bucket Full of Holes

11 Jul

Perfect Poet Award awarded by Promising Poets Poetry Cafe

Im sitting by this cafe
the wind ripples the lake

Its been 5 years today
now but a record to break

My eyes water as I wander
10000 miles away

What would you be doing?
I only reach halfway.

You forgot what happened today
5 years ago on that beach

3 months of abstractions
now remembrance out of reach

Things are relative I guess
today is special to me

Filled with saddness inside
to think of this cafe

this feeling of importance
that today should not be undone

no matter where we are
no matter what has gone.

Up rises a realization
that even love moves on

And I must move on with it
beyond here, a relief in a way

I too am free to go now
where to, time will say.

I overcame the fear
I feel fuller than before

Full enough to allow
this sadness in my core

the memories to ache
the hurt to mold my soul

Full enough to allow
inner growth to be my goal

The truth must with me stay
even on the hardest day

and although my heart still weeps
I see happiness back creeps

I see life in this way
is a bucket full of holes
that nothing out of seeps