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A Divine Comedy

26 Sep

I felt it break
my beaten heart
the pain teared open my soul

Shattered like glass
each piece contained the next
like fleshy holograms

I wanted to run
but in space suspended
the sharp truths hung like stars

Their beams of light
too bright for my eyes
like slicing machines they cut

Achilles in Dante´s Hell - Love and Lust

I relived it all
collapsed on the floor
surrendered to fate finally

Many days later
I rose again
reborn from the fire and ash

The sun still shone
the birds still sang
I felt my breath and heart beat again

I saw back on a drama
as greek as it gets
of Achilles final home

The Divine Comedy
had unfolded in me
like a tragedy mask leaping through time

I felt a smile
wiped off the salt
and nodding in recognition
I stepped into the world once more

Back again :-)

21 Sep

Hi all!

It´s been a long time!

I´m finally back from a 1.5 month long holiday and now looking at a still heavy loaded work desk. I will grab that pen again the minute I get some time and not least visit all your blogs to read your latest work. Can´t wait!

I hope that you all have been well and I look forward to some fun writing with you all again 😀

Big hugs,
Grå Sky