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Before My Feet She Rots

11 Jul

I smell the feces
and blood in the dust

Revisit the gore
of my lady of lust

She came in the way
of gun shots that day

Took a bullet in the head
and dead she lay

I loved her hair
her green eyes shimmer

A death by my hand
couldn´t be any grimmer

Her skin so sweet
her blossom petite

Now rots at the ground
before my feet

This is my entry for the Short Story Slam Week 2

Week 5 Short Story Slam Writing Challenge Achievement Award - awarded by Bluebell Books

Week 5 Short Story Slam Writing Challenge Achievement Award - awarded by Bluebell Books

The Bucket Full of Holes

11 Jul

Perfect Poet Award awarded by Promising Poets Poetry Cafe

Im sitting by this cafe
the wind ripples the lake

Its been 5 years today
now but a record to break

My eyes water as I wander
10000 miles away

What would you be doing?
I only reach halfway.

You forgot what happened today
5 years ago on that beach

3 months of abstractions
now remembrance out of reach

Things are relative I guess
today is special to me

Filled with saddness inside
to think of this cafe

this feeling of importance
that today should not be undone

no matter where we are
no matter what has gone.

Up rises a realization
that even love moves on

And I must move on with it
beyond here, a relief in a way

I too am free to go now
where to, time will say.

I overcame the fear
I feel fuller than before

Full enough to allow
this sadness in my core

the memories to ache
the hurt to mold my soul

Full enough to allow
inner growth to be my goal

The truth must with me stay
even on the hardest day

and although my heart still weeps
I see happiness back creeps

I see life in this way
is a bucket full of holes
that nothing out of seeps

Beyond Here

8 Jul

I can scream no more
the air is used up
I can hardly even cry
the tears won´t reach the top

I am left with only sadness
a realization so raw
that nothing will go back
to how it was before

Many years we lived together
a friendship beyond compare
The world we travelled thin
and intimate times we shared

I kept asking you back then
“please tell me this will never end”
but such promise can not be kept
unless we always share intend

To You, the love of my life
I made some cruel mistakes
Time and words flew past
and it became too late

I had hoped to try again
and believed our love could win
but someone else entered your heart
and dedication to me wore thin

There is nothing I can do
your world has move beyond
that of mine which is still here
and I feel so all alone

I feel so all alone

The Ghost Town

5 Jul

Where does the ghost run
when scared out of her shell?

With a rocket at light speed
a place no one can tell

Deep in space
a black white scene

A planet rotating
nothing smells green

Old habits rule here
a welcome numbness greets

A sanctuary for the darkness
that whirls in the streets

It is a sad location
and left for a reason

From the ghost the ghost town
was expelled due to treason

But yet always present
the misty fog once called home

A place of false comfort
but here -at least- she never feels alone

Head Full of Fog

26 Jun

Head full of fog
voice like a frog
dry eyes squinting at the sun

Breathing black smoke
sniffing white coke
two legs alone in king bed

An hour tranquil
a hot bath to chill
for a moment the heart feels warm

Then back in the game
every day is the same
Tomorrow, who knows, the end?

A Love Declaration

22 Jun

I have built an amour of ideas, and nothing really hurt any more
I have passed through life numb, terrified of my destruction
By a love so strong, so quick to be ripped away, replaced with echoes of memories
I am so very frightened now, everything is different
My shield has been blow apart, the pieces spread with the wind, and I stand here
Naked and raw, in front of you, beaming with despair

Is it possible for a love so great not be mutual
When it feels more real than anything else
Can these feelings be contained in me alone
when they are about two and once were shared

The place it hurts the most, is where life shines the brightest, but only later came realization
Forged my inner world tight, to avoid a hurt so paramount
But love seeped in through the cracks, and now you tell me all has ended
I have exploded from the inside and out
Where I was once fierce and strong , I am now still and fragile
With clarity I now see this love; infinite, unchanging and entirely authentic

It is an unknown sensation to me, but the truth fills my entire being
I have a fear greater than anything else
To lose my only ever real choice, so meaningful and all significant
You have become a physical part of me
If I lose you I will split in two for ever after

There is no other way, love is my foundation
I can see myself, a scared little girl
Afraid to be pulled out to sea, sucked into the void

All I can do is to try understand